bubble football

Whether you’re looking for Bubble Football in Leeds or Bubble Football in Birmingham, we can can deliver you the perfect session.

Our company have been running successful bubble sessions before the day it went viral. Don’t be fooled, together we are the original Bubble Football providers and offer an unbeatable service!

The rules are very simple, play a game of football and the team who scores the most goals wins, however there is one small twist…..each person has to wear an inflatable bubble (AKA Body Zorb). This bubble will protect you from your head down to your knees which means that you can knock people over, be knocked over or generally roll around the pitch until you get too dizzy to continue. What’s more, unlike most other football matches you might play, we encourage contact meaning that this is the first time your Cristiano Ronaldo footwork may not help you out as floods of inflatable balls come running your way.

The Bubble Football sessions are delivered at Futsal UK venues, who are the leaders in indoor 5 a side football. Their dedicated football only pitches are FIFA and FA approved with the latest technology which means that not only are the bubble footballs the best on the market, but the facilities you play in are the best to.

We run kids and adult tournaments for all ages and abilities making this the perfect option for any kind of celebration. A typical tournament will start with us splitting you into equal teams. Each team will then get to enter the pitch for a safety brief and practise moving around in their newly acquired bubbles. Once everyone has got the basics it’s down to competition, knock out style to find the final team who are proudly crowned ‘The Champions’.

We can cater for any group size but suggest a minimum of 12 players to make it a fun and satisfying competition. Times last for around 90 minutes dependent on how many people you have.


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