futsal balls

What you think when listening to the word fun? What is comes to your head when you want to make a different day with your friends?

Today, we bring you hand a new proposal futsal balls that was born in Tarragona that we are confident that it will not leave you indifferent and that sooner than later you will be generating a memory and taking you a photo, while inside a Bubble.

Yes! Comes to announce that Bubble Football goes beyond. After 1 year of hard work andgrowth, we increase the family that makes possible to played football with bubbles andwith greater comfort and responsibility throughout the area we currently cover, how?Bubble Football comes to Tarragona, take a step forward and is the best way to present fun between children and adults to the Catalan city, thus generating greater activity in these areas and giving the possibility to all those who have not yet tried to dare to do it and have professionals that can guarantee them the greater revitalization of the day.

After a first half of the year more than interesting to celebrating all events that were entering at different locations, our first franchise based in Tarragona opens its doorsto the left within the reach of all the possibility to enjoy a few days of Bubble Soccer in Tarragona with family, friends, coworkers

Suitable for all types of weather, since Sun is shining, rain or snow is not a difficulty since the activity you can play both Outdoor and Indoor. And among all these advantagesthe Bubbles resist diversity of surfaces: grass, carpet, parquet… Generating possibility of broader event, with the possibility of repeating well changing companions,surface or play space.

What do you want to celebrate? are activities for children’s parties in Tarragona? ABachelor Party in Salou? Are you thinking to surprise your boss?

An activity that is designed so that children can have a good time with all your friends,so companies can generate activities of Team Building in Tarragona, so mountains the best stag or hen party at your friend and is willing to return to celebrate it every year, so that the family take advantage of any celebration to make a day of this type and so most scholars along with his companions of Erasmus can play a party and increase as well the memories that are carried when they end their studies… Now everything is much closer.

A new possibility of leisure, the futsal balls recognized internationally as a fun practice for those who have managed to celebrate a day and desired by those who stillhave not been able to, is much closer to opens in Tarragona that until now was. With renowned brand company, began an adventure that no pretext in the area we are stillconvinced that gives great moments for all who attend.


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