soccer bubble

Soccer Bubble,This is the use of entertainment facilities in a football match, not the amusement equipment, according to the promise to play on the beach, or on the lawn at that time.

The Beginning Of The soccer bubble
Think”! When accepts the sales from the user Funballz bumper you install bumper playing football is very interesting, “Funballz began to bubble football communication activities. As a new sport, football foam around the Nordic spread quickly.
It is reported, in Bubble Soccer’s World.


When the television show called gold gole and funballz company’s Bubble Soccer Balls show, I drew a lot of attention very much. The video was uploaded to YouTube, Bubble Soccer Balls has attracted the attention of people all over the world.

The birth of Bubble Soccer Balls IBFA has spread around the world

In most countries, the other, Bubble Soccer Balls has been playing in Japan, North America, Oceania, India, the Middle East and North Africa in europe. With the rapid growth of the game player, IBFA international organization was founded, in order to achieve the establishment of common rules, the international competition need.


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